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Remote Support

We are now offering limited remote support.

This service is only available for computers running Windows.

Examples of issues we can provide remote support for:


  • Some small issues that can be fixed within minutes.
  • A problem that will only manifest itself at your home or office.
  • Setting up a printer on Wi-Fi.
  • Unable to bring in equipment due to weight.
  • Distance from our store.


Please note that it is up to our discretion whether or not your issue warrants remote support.

If we decide your issue for remote support is valid, we will instruct you on how to proceed.

A date and time will be giving to you for the remote session.

Depending on if you have an account with us with credit, you might be required to pay before a remote session is established.

Please call us by phone to inquire about a remote support if you are interested. You can find our contact info on our “Location & Contacts” page.



 Remote Support is powered by:






 To start a remote session with us:

1. Call us to arrange a date and time or call at the agreed date and time for the remote session.

2. Download and run the remote agent. "agent7.0.2.0.exe"

Alternate Link : Download

3. Give the "Internet ID:" and "Password:" from the program window to the person you are talking to.















4. We'll take it from here.