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Removal of viruses and spyware. Varies
iPhone, iPad, iPod Screen, digitizer and battery replacement. Call or come in for quote.
Conversion of VHS tapes to DVD     $10 Per tape
Repair of a desktop or a laptop computer. Varies

Assembling a custom desktop computer or server according to your requirements. Price is determined if parts are purchased through us or given to us for assembly.
Highly custom systems that needs RAID. LED's ,liquid cooling .etc take more time to setup. Price will reflect that.

$0.00 - 2H+ @$65/H
Software installation (New Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware) $15 - $45
Optimization of operating system performance. Varies
Service not listed? Call or E-Mail us. We do a lot of miscellaneous services & tasks from time to time. If you need it and we can do it, we do it.          Call or come in for quote.