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136 Wellington St E, Unit A, Aurora, Canada

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Removal of viruses and spyware.



IPHONE, IPAD, iPod screen, digitizer and battery replacement.

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Repair of a desktop or a laptop computer.



Assembling a custom desktop computer or server according to your requirements. Price is determined if parts are purchased through us or given to us for assembly.

$0.00 – 2H+ @$65/H


Software installation (New anti-virus/Malware/Spyware)

$25 – $45


Convert VHS tapes to DVD

$20 a Tape


Optimization of operating system performance.



Service not listed? Call or e-mail us. We do a lot of miscellaneous services. If you need it done and we can do it, we Will do it.

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Upgrade HDD to SSD (Boosts performance) Cost of SSD + service to copy or clone drive.



Do You Want to Repair Your Devices?

If you have a question, please call us at 905-841-8905 or send an e-mail